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How sad. One of my favorite pastimes is surfing the net and hopping a few blog trains in the process. Sorry I missed this one because of another person's unkind acts.

I hope their poor behavior you don't stop doing what you love. That would be a crying shame.

take care of you and don't let the *#@$% get you down.

I came to the blog train late, as I had to work and couldn't come on Vday. It saddens me terribly to know that your talent was used without your consent.

I COMPLETELY understand why you feel the way you do, as I have a photoblog and people steal my pics all the time without my consent. It makes one feel invaded and it does spoil it for honest people who just want to enjoy what creative people want to share with them!

I would love to still be able to get your portion of the blog train (and if you are willing to share it, my email is [email protected]), but I also COMPLETELY understand if you no longer wish to share it.

I am So Sorry this has happened to you!

I'm so sorry this happened to you Wilma. It really escapes me how dishonesty runs rampant on the net. All of you who share your wonderful creations shouldn't be attacked, for better word, in this way. I didn't get to download your part of the blog train, sorry to say, but totally understand why you took the link away.

so sorry sweetie... I dont know what people are thinking.

I recently saw an ad on some site that basically pays people to upload files to these sites. So the more files you upload, the more money you make!!

i agree...sucks... some people have no morals

That is horrible. I understand why you would want to pull your kit. You put your heart into it and it is so wrong for someone to steal it.

I agree, it really sucks. What is the matter with people, why can't they respect your TOU, especially when you are giving this away for free? Also, why can't someone at least say TY once in a while, it is not that much trouble, when you have worked hard to give them your designs for free.

Thank you for sharing your work, it's offensive that people steal your hard work and then make other people pay for what you have given away for free. I'd love the chance to get your freebie, I'll pay with a tweet or facebook post if you'd like.

I'm sorry this happened - you've been so generous in the past - and I don't blame you for being furious! Stupid thieves!

It is so wrong this happened to you. I was hoping to complete the blog train but certainly understand why you pulled it. You were taken advantage of!

Sorry you have to deal with people like that. And especially sorry because now I won't get your beautiful part of the blog train. Seriously, I totally understand your bitterness at someone stealing your hard work. Let's hope these people someday learn.

Wow. So sorry this happens. I am so naive and sometimes it is a good thing. Keep your chin up!

YEAH!!! You people suck...now you've ruined it for all of us who don't have the talents to create and count on all of those artists to help US create. Especially when paychecks are slim and freebies keep us going until things, "look up" so you people suck!! and thanks to W for sharing all of her time, talents and hard work with everyone from HER BLOG!!

I totally agree with you. They just don't care. I SO appreciate your hard work and generosity! Sorry you have to deal with this. Hope you're having a better day!

This seems to be happening a lot lately. It really sucks, I'm sorry they are doing this to you. You are very generous to share your work.


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