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Wilma, I missed it also, so could you send me the link? Also, my condolences to you regarding the nasty people of the world who took your generousity and stifled it. People somehow always find a way to ruin it for others. I feel for you very much.

i'm sorry for the file sharers. i missed your part of the blogtrain, is there a way to get it? thank you and (((hugs)))

I'm so sorry that people have stolen your download - I would have loved to complete the kit but I do understand that their actions make it neccessary for you to remove the links.

i missed it, already:( can you send it to me, i would love to complete this kit. also i would love it if you would let the entire scrap community know who these thieves are. This is the sixth site to claim someone is stealing their stuff but the rest of us don't get to know who they are or if they are stealing our stuff too.
thanks hun

I am very sad because I would have loved this part of the trains had!

sorry, my english is bad!

Your part looks fabulous, I didn't get to download, sorry about the file sharers.

Again, thank you ladies, for your kind comments!

Fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work! The stealing issue seems to be rearing it's ugly head in digiland again .. I have seen a few designers blogging about it! I hope it is just ignorance on the part of the "stealers" and that they will take note!xxx

Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you so much.

So pretty, thank you.

Thank you for your comments, ladies! They're always appreciated!

Thanks for a lovely part of the blog train. Sorry to hear that you have also been plagued by people stealing your designs ... a number of people have been affected AND it is so wrong on every level!!! God bless

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much!

Thank you for the lovely train stop!

Thank you so much.

Yay Wilma, these goodies are all so lovely. Thanks for creating it :)

Thanks so much Wilma, it's gorgeous!

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